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So in case you missed it, So Delicious So Terrible is now also a tumblr account that updates whenever we get submissions or whatever I find something terrible on my delicious. So below, please enjoy a round up of the things we've had there so far, in case you're not a tumblr weed.

Some Harry Potter, among other things. )

More to come, I'm sure. We love your submissions!
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Massive image below the cut )

In case you were wondering about everything else.

If you need fixes sooner, lots of actors, directors of photography, etc, are on twitter and tweeting pictures from set right now, including Masi Oka as a regular on Hawaii Five-0 season 2.
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Aaaand we're back. Get ready for some terribly delicious or deliciously terrible highlights, crew.

I'd say more deliciously terrible. )
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Go to Amazon. Click on the Kindle eBooks section. Arrange price low to high.

Laugh forever. )

I know it's not So Delicious, So Terrible, but things happen. Not babies, but you know, things. We'll have some more goodness for you soon enough.
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That was the sound of Tony DiNozzo setting a TiVo so hard it punctured the space-time continuum and broke the fourth wall.

USA Network -- which brings us delightful nuggets like Gay Cops And Hat-Wearing Robbers and Gay Fake Psychics And Their Friends Who Are Too Good For Them -- has greenlit a two-hour movie where Mark Harmon is playing Lucas Davenport from John Sandford's Prey books.

This is delightful on a couple of levels:

1. MOAR Mark Harmon
2. MOARRRR Mark Harmon
3. Shitty airport crime novels? Yes.
4. The possibility of it developing into multiple films!

TVLine says that USA has the rights to 20 of the Prey books. From my awkward shouting, "FUCK," and recounting three times, John Sandford's written 21 Prey books, all with horrific gimmicky titles (see here if you want to see all of them out of curiosity). Either way, that's a whole lotta silver fox, and Tony DiNozzo had better stock up on lube and batteries.

In other news, let's all look at Mark Harmon being hot all over the place )
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Darlings, I debated posting some kind of fantastic valentine for you but instead I think I will celebrate February 15 (Lupercalia) by finding for you the best of the worst of delicious. What more could you ask for? I'm so good to you.

Another round of So Delicious, So Terrible awaits you )

Aw man, delicious, why you gotta be this way? Can't you just throw some hot Steve/Danny at me? No? Why do I even date you. Why.
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Big news, guys! Everyone is on break for the holidays, even tv shows, but here's when you can expect some of our favourites to air again:

Nikita, Fringe, 30 Rock, Bones, White Collar, NCIS, NCIS LA, CSI NY, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who )

What else are you excited about? Some shows haven't listed when they're coming back yet, but when we do, we'll let you know.
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What if Steve finally got Danny to marry him and wound up taking care of Grace regularly? Stuff like this would happen.

I just have a lot of feelings. )

You know you love it.
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It's that time again! Have you missed me? More likely you have missed your dose of delicious bookmarks based schadenfreud.

Baby, I've got loads right here. )
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We're undecided about fic warnings here at FG. Some of us are all for them and some of us think they're dumb, but there are some things we all agree stories should warn for ahead of time. The kind of things that no author would ever actually warn you for, you know? I guess that's what fic recs are for. Regardless, please enjoy these humorous caveats.

Warning: One of them turns into a dog in the middle. Before the NC-17 part. )

What impossible things do you wish authors would warn for? Tell us!
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Oh, I'm sorry, was your life full of everything wonderful for awhile there? I can fix that. Here, have a quick hit of So Delicious, So Terrible:

As if you don't absolutely love shadenfreude, please. )

Yeah, I'm sure you realllllly missed this.
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Wow, it's been awhile since I have showered you with the delights I find trawling through Delicious, hasn't it? I can fix that.

Be warned, this is, as usual, full of terribleness. )

You guys are so lucky our editor was here and made me remove a few things from this post. This is my entire backlog of delicious caps. Now I can start fresh with the blood of Sherlock fandom. Be excited.
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I have gone too long, fangasmic fans, without showing you the magical things I have found on! They are so magical I'm sure you'll be tempted to try pulling rabbits out of hats after reading this. Or pull your hair out. Whatever makes you happy.

I only hurt you because I love you. )
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I have an addiction. Not just my love of SCIENCE, or my obvious and painful relationship with Delicious Bookmarks, but something even more shameful. It's _finders coms. You know, when you get a shiny new fandom you immediately join the community for your favourite pairing, maybe the newsletter, and of course, the fic finding community.

I make up all sorts of reasons for my membership in _finders coms, but they're all only partly true. )
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When The New Adventures of Lois and Clark ended, fans wrote several "virtual seasons" to fill the gap. Actual, decent story arcs that fixed problems and were simultaneously episodic and related. Most fanfiction doesn't do that. Fanfiction is a huge addiction for me, and just as huge is my addiction to badfic. You know the stuff. Nothing is in character, and everything is kind of ridiculous, but it's so deliciously soap opera-y you can't stay away?

Don't lie to me, guys, I know you do it. So here is some science showing the difference between canon and badfic trends for a few of my favourite shows.

They (mostly) do not involve brown paper packages tied up with string, but sometimes people do get tied up. )
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Ladies, you know I love delicious bookmarks. Every time I dig through it I get my heart broken and laugh until I cry because it really is epic pain. You know what I mean. At first, it's all good. You're scrolling through your network and there's some good stuff tagged there.

But the next thing you know it's 3am on a Tuesday and you're staring, determined, at an actual subscription feed for something terrible like slave!Jensen or kitten!Merlin.


The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is going back for more because every time delicious punches me in the face I suddenly crave something even worse. "Oooh, maybe there will be something good for Generation Kill today!"

Probably not. But he only does it because he loves me.

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