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In the words of the King of Horror, "Harry Potter is about doing whats right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend," which is a sentiment most of FG believes. (One of us is a fan. We don't like to talk about it.) (It's not me.) (Seriously, it's not me.) (Fuck you assholes.)

More importantly, instead of just complaining about it or cruelly mocking what will, inevitably, be a much regretted decision in ten years, someone has decided to be proactive about it:

So if there's someone in your life you're worried about, who's been secretive, withdrawn, who may or may not have been consuming glittery vampire lit alone, who has been arguing that actually, Twilight isn't as bad as everybody says it is, you're just a square who isn't cool enough to understand, and grinding up their second copy to freebase it -- there's finally help. Bring them to ComiCon. Get them some actual fucking vampire stuff. Seriously.
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Go to Amazon. Click on the Kindle eBooks section. Arrange price low to high.

Laugh forever. )

I know it's not So Delicious, So Terrible, but things happen. Not babies, but you know, things. We'll have some more goodness for you soon enough.
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We've all referred to a fandom or pairing by an unfortunate name before, but Vampire Diaries kind of takes the cake, because their fandom (and official!) short-hand makes so, so much sense to me:

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Consider us kind of dubious about the new take on the King Arthur myth from the producers of Henry VIII Fucks A Lot of Women And There's Pretty Costumes. Camelot, a modern AU contemporary take on the legend, is set to air on the Starz network in early 2011. It was always going to have a lot to prove to folks who imprinted on Merlin, the BBC's more innocent, earnest, and totally gay version. And lo and behold, casting information on the new show has recently hit the interwebs and it's already giving us pause.

The female leads seem to be top notch if conventional choices- Eva Green, so cool and sly in Casino Royale, will be playing Morgana. Tamsin Egerton, who you might remember from her adorable and funny turn in St. Trinian's, aka that movie with the schoolgirls and the heisting and where Rupert Everett is in drag and has a total romantic subplot with Colin Firth where "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" literally swells in the background when they look at each other, no really, I'm serious, has been cast as Guinevere. (No word yet on whether Tamsin is secretly a hussy.)

But then we get to Merlin and Arthur. )

That aside, what do you guys think of how this show is shaping up? Anyone planning on watching?
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In between Sandra Bullock being the classiest class act that was ever classy (yay) Twilight: New Moon winning seriously every award ever (inevitable), perhaps the best part of the MTV Movie Awards last night was the premiere of a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I:

It's been a while since we here at FG read the last book, but the trailer seems to hit all the major plots I remember:

1. Voldemort was kinda creepy.
2. The trio went on the longest, angriest camping trip since my family went to Florida for Spring Break in 1998.

But seriously, the trailer is pretty banging. It's interesting to see how far these movies have come visually since Chris Columbus' inaugural Potter film back in 2001. You can tell at a glance how much the story has evolved from the cheerfully glossy magical world we were first introduced to nearly a decade ago.

While I'm still not convinced this film needed to be two parts, I will of course be there with magical bells on when it comes out. And for the record, there are only 165 Days left until the movie is released. Who's excited?
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Have you been eyeballing a Porsche 9-1-1 Turbo- in yellow, of course? (Or more plausibly, a VolvoVampireMobile?) Thinking about getting those promise rings?

Well, then.

I understand that you a) accumulate and b) spend a lot of capital in your freakish, stalking, neurotic very long life, so clearly, you need the right card.


I totally shit you not. (Un)fortunately, they're money cards only, so it's not eternal (Unlike you, Princess Lady Nyghtwying D'kness Raven Bluudston Sabreeena HotTopic Painfeather.)

Then again, you could always just put a picture of your timeless, unnaturally hot family on your Capital One card.


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