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So in case you missed it, So Delicious So Terrible is now also a tumblr account that updates whenever we get submissions or whatever I find something terrible on my delicious. So below, please enjoy a round up of the things we've had there so far, in case you're not a tumblr weed.

Some Harry Potter, among other things. )

More to come, I'm sure. We love your submissions!
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There are a few things you could post on delicious that would basically guarantee me clicking on them. Almost all of them are embarrassing and kind of stupid, which means that once in awhile I almost feel bad about making fun of what other people bookmark on there. But not for very long, because the rest of the Fangasmic staff spend most of the day making fun of my reading habits.

You could call those long stretches of conversation that inevitably end with something like this actual conversation:

[personal profile] thatneedslube: I just found a Star Trek AU based on You've Got Mail but with science!!
[personal profile] terribleperson: Of course you did
[personal profile] terribleperson: You are, like, our Unicorn Finder. You are Merlin.

So don't worry, guys. Your pain is my pain. Just as your love of cat AUs is mine. (Or maybe that's just mine entirely.)

Whatevs. You wish you were a unicorn finder like me. Unicorn finding is awesome. )

Listen, if you have some awesome delicious recs I'll take them. And I will scribble all over them and make notes and then try to track that thing down in google so I can read it myself, shamefully, on my phone in public without getting caught. It's what I do.
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It's that time again! Time for a fresh instalment of delicious not-recs. Maybe fresh is the wrong word. I get the impression a lot of these stories could use a bit of a wash down there. And maybe some prescription cream or something.

But uh, never mind that. More importantly, it is 8pm. Do you know where your favourite characters are? Because I guarantee they are having a terrible time. )

You have no idea, guys.

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