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So in case you missed it, So Delicious So Terrible is now also a tumblr account that updates whenever we get submissions or whatever I find something terrible on my delicious. So below, please enjoy a round up of the things we've had there so far, in case you're not a tumblr weed.

Some Harry Potter, among other things. )

More to come, I'm sure. We love your submissions!
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Aaaand we're back. Get ready for some terribly delicious or deliciously terrible highlights, crew.

I'd say more deliciously terrible. )
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The Rapture, ladies and gentlemen. I may not believe in god, but I would love to help Rupert Young out if you know what I mean.
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Promise you'll never stop being homoerotically in love with your co-stars. I love it so much. <3
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I know, I know, all I do recently is post things from Bradley James' twitter, but have you been following him? The boy is sweeter than snails and puppy dog tails and apparently full of fanservice.

Let's talk about this image he posted tonight for a minute.

  1. Hell yes those knights are hot. Like super hot. And they're just casually posing for Bradley's twitter. God, every time I write that it sounds like Bradley has a vagina. Awkward.

  2. The only person who looks confused here is Rupert, and I think that's because Bradley is sitting in his lap. I mean, we all know Bradley thinks he is all that,

    but also that possibly Rupert is responsible for all viruses on the internet. That's mostly because Bradley doesn't understand how the Internet works and about 10% because he gets really flustered every time Rupert emails him anything.

    Poor Colin.

  3. Okay seriously check out those arms. HOTT.

  4. Most important of all: Gawaine has the most homosexual hair of all the knights, and I can't tell if that was the actor's choice for downtime (I'm sure he would say that "football" is a serious "sport" and he needs his hair out of his eyes, but let's be serious - the only people who take "football" seriously call it "football" instead of soccer) or if the people in hair and make up read a lot of Gawaine/Merlin >> jealous!Arthur >> Arthur/Merlin fan fiction and figured this was a nice way to gay him up for series four.

  5. Listen, I did my hair that way when I was in grades one and two.
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Via gealach-ros on LJ, I think we all know that Bradley is wreaking havoc on reproductive systems world wide. And by that I mean I think I just got spontaneously pregnant looking at these photos. A few examples below - check out her LJ post linked above for the rest:

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Someone posts something like this:

Things of note:

  • Bradley James is still super amazingly good looking

  • Also he looks so happy and excited I can't help but smile looking at this

  • Shut up, he's really awesome and I can't help myself

  • Is that comic sans in the middle there?! AUGH

  • No seriously, Bradley James, you are so amazing
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Darlings, I debated posting some kind of fantastic valentine for you but instead I think I will celebrate February 15 (Lupercalia) by finding for you the best of the worst of delicious. What more could you ask for? I'm so good to you.

Another round of So Delicious, So Terrible awaits you )

Aw man, delicious, why you gotta be this way? Can't you just throw some hot Steve/Danny at me? No? Why do I even date you. Why.
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We're undecided about fic warnings here at FG. Some of us are all for them and some of us think they're dumb, but there are some things we all agree stories should warn for ahead of time. The kind of things that no author would ever actually warn you for, you know? I guess that's what fic recs are for. Regardless, please enjoy these humorous caveats.

Warning: One of them turns into a dog in the middle. Before the NC-17 part. )

What impossible things do you wish authors would warn for? Tell us!
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Oh, I'm sorry, was your life full of everything wonderful for awhile there? I can fix that. Here, have a quick hit of So Delicious, So Terrible:

As if you don't absolutely love shadenfreude, please. )

Yeah, I'm sure you realllllly missed this.
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We had some doubts about Starz's up-coming series that is supposed to be kind of a cross between Merlin (our favourite) and The Tudors (ehhhhhh). There was some potential there, but it's too late because they've already made a horrible, horrible mistake:

What have they done to JFiennes? He looked okay before. Now he looks creepy, old, and dumb.

Don't you know, Starz Network? We've seen Merlin as a hot young piece of ass. Our brains went there. I can show you the exact equation, and the results of it can never be unseen.

Colin Morgan giving his Meaningful Eyes of Feeling to camera; being attractive and young

Merlin = Hot Young Thing
Arthur = Hot Young Thing

You know what else can never be unseen? Me trying to imagine Bradley James coming home and banging this. Not sexy. Not sexy at all, Starz.
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Wow, it's been awhile since I have showered you with the delights I find trawling through Delicious, hasn't it? I can fix that.

Be warned, this is, as usual, full of terribleness. )

You guys are so lucky our editor was here and made me remove a few things from this post. This is my entire backlog of delicious caps. Now I can start fresh with the blood of Sherlock fandom. Be excited.
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In case you missed it, Nathan Fillion has adopted and is promoting a new catch phrase:

Ignore his clearly incorrect example sentence though, because Fangasmic is happy to offer you a selection of appropriate usages below.

  1. "Jesus christ, I'm so fucking sore!" "Why?" "Man, I got double rainbowed last night".

  2. Merlin's favourite sex act was the double rainbow, but he always made sure he had the next two days free before using it because of the serious medical side effects.

  3. All Brad wanted was for someone to bend him over and give him a good double rainbow.

Go forth, rainbow fans. You know you want to. Arthur certainly does.
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Are you gearing up for a new season of Merlin, Fangasmic-fans? I am, which is why I have looked into the heart of and brought you fresh wonders from, um, well actually maybe not wonders. I don't know what you might call these. Let's just say "new samples for study".

Here it comes. Yep. It's a MAGICALLY DELICIOUS pun. Ha. )

Next time on bookmarks, the all Kirk/Spock edition. I bet you're uh, excited. Or washing your eyeballs.
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Consider us kind of dubious about the new take on the King Arthur myth from the producers of Henry VIII Fucks A Lot of Women And There's Pretty Costumes. Camelot, a modern AU contemporary take on the legend, is set to air on the Starz network in early 2011. It was always going to have a lot to prove to folks who imprinted on Merlin, the BBC's more innocent, earnest, and totally gay version. And lo and behold, casting information on the new show has recently hit the interwebs and it's already giving us pause.

The female leads seem to be top notch if conventional choices- Eva Green, so cool and sly in Casino Royale, will be playing Morgana. Tamsin Egerton, who you might remember from her adorable and funny turn in St. Trinian's, aka that movie with the schoolgirls and the heisting and where Rupert Everett is in drag and has a total romantic subplot with Colin Firth where "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" literally swells in the background when they look at each other, no really, I'm serious, has been cast as Guinevere. (No word yet on whether Tamsin is secretly a hussy.)

But then we get to Merlin and Arthur. )

That aside, what do you guys think of how this show is shaping up? Anyone planning on watching?
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I have gone too long, fangasmic fans, without showing you the magical things I have found on! They are so magical I'm sure you'll be tempted to try pulling rabbits out of hats after reading this. Or pull your hair out. Whatever makes you happy.

I only hurt you because I love you. )
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There are a few things you could post on delicious that would basically guarantee me clicking on them. Almost all of them are embarrassing and kind of stupid, which means that once in awhile I almost feel bad about making fun of what other people bookmark on there. But not for very long, because the rest of the Fangasmic staff spend most of the day making fun of my reading habits.

You could call those long stretches of conversation that inevitably end with something like this actual conversation:

[personal profile] thatneedslube: I just found a Star Trek AU based on You've Got Mail but with science!!
[personal profile] terribleperson: Of course you did
[personal profile] terribleperson: You are, like, our Unicorn Finder. You are Merlin.

So don't worry, guys. Your pain is my pain. Just as your love of cat AUs is mine. (Or maybe that's just mine entirely.)

Whatevs. You wish you were a unicorn finder like me. Unicorn finding is awesome. )

Listen, if you have some awesome delicious recs I'll take them. And I will scribble all over them and make notes and then try to track that thing down in google so I can read it myself, shamefully, on my phone in public without getting caught. It's what I do.
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You know that show, that show you watched that died awhile back but is somehow still churning out new episodes? I thought this one was dead-- killed, burned, dug up by the Winchesters and salted and burned again for good riddance. I guess someone left a lock of hair out somewhere, though, because apparently Eureka is coming back in 92 days:

Hey, Sci-Fi. There were two reasons people were watching Eureka:

  1. SGA

  2. Nathan/Jack slash

Now that Nathan and SGA are dead there is no reason to watch this show. Why are you wasting your money?

Honestly, you could have been running Merlin.
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I don't know what you kids do on long weekends, but being kind of a jerk I like to spend one day with people and two days separated from human kind. You know, play video games, bake something, read masses of terrible, mind-altering fanfiction.

What's that? You try not to read things that might make you clinically depressed and very confused? We must have different ideas of what "holiday" means. Here, have a taste of my long weekend readings:

Just wait till you see what I post on Halloween )
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Guys, all of my favourite shows are wrapping up, and soon it will be the long, slow death of summer: the time I hate most. All I have to look forward to is dick jokes with the fanspastic staff, delicious picnics in the park, and okay, yes, another season of Merlin filled with delightful, gorgeous and shirtless Bradley James and the beautiful sight of Colin Morgan crying, and Katie McGrath filling out a dress in hot ways, and Angel Coulby having glowing skin and Anthony Head sexily bossing people ar---

Right. A long summer of nothing but dick jokes and maybe bad fanfiction. It's my thing. In the meantime, here are some charts and graphs and things about shows I love and will miss over the break.

Right this way to me being shallow and delighted, then bawling )

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