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So in case you missed it, So Delicious So Terrible is now also a tumblr account that updates whenever we get submissions or whatever I find something terrible on my delicious. So below, please enjoy a round up of the things we've had there so far, in case you're not a tumblr weed.

Some Harry Potter, among other things. )

More to come, I'm sure. We love your submissions!
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I have an addiction. Not just my love of SCIENCE, or my obvious and painful relationship with Delicious Bookmarks, but something even more shameful. It's _finders coms. You know, when you get a shiny new fandom you immediately join the community for your favourite pairing, maybe the newsletter, and of course, the fic finding community.

I make up all sorts of reasons for my membership in _finders coms, but they're all only partly true. )
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We all knew this day would come, but it stills seems too soon! Leonard Nimoy, despite your long history as an actor, a photographer, a director and an all-around badass, news you are retiring entirely from one of your many talents still comes as a blow. Who else will be sinister and fabulous and haul around an oxygen tank on Fringe? Who else will give Spock advice about how to get Jim Kirk to stop humping his leg in public and stuff? His exit leaves a hole in our hearts -- and leads most of the FG staff to weep -- but he's still around, and hey, we can always hope: it's a Vulcan's prerogative to change his mind if doing so is logical, right?
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There are a few things you could post on delicious that would basically guarantee me clicking on them. Almost all of them are embarrassing and kind of stupid, which means that once in awhile I almost feel bad about making fun of what other people bookmark on there. But not for very long, because the rest of the Fangasmic staff spend most of the day making fun of my reading habits.

You could call those long stretches of conversation that inevitably end with something like this actual conversation:

[personal profile] thatneedslube: I just found a Star Trek AU based on You've Got Mail but with science!!
[personal profile] terribleperson: Of course you did
[personal profile] terribleperson: You are, like, our Unicorn Finder. You are Merlin.

So don't worry, guys. Your pain is my pain. Just as your love of cat AUs is mine. (Or maybe that's just mine entirely.)

Whatevs. You wish you were a unicorn finder like me. Unicorn finding is awesome. )

Listen, if you have some awesome delicious recs I'll take them. And I will scribble all over them and make notes and then try to track that thing down in google so I can read it myself, shamefully, on my phone in public without getting caught. It's what I do.
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I don't know what you kids do on long weekends, but being kind of a jerk I like to spend one day with people and two days separated from human kind. You know, play video games, bake something, read masses of terrible, mind-altering fanfiction.

What's that? You try not to read things that might make you clinically depressed and very confused? We must have different ideas of what "holiday" means. Here, have a taste of my long weekend readings:

Just wait till you see what I post on Halloween )
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The new Star Trek movie was so good I saw it in theatres three times. I was one of those assholes who put on a slutty red shirt with a communicator pinned to it. Yeah, it was awesome. Jealous?

Not since SGA fandom died has there been such an amazing cause for people to make shit up about science. The time is now, people. I dare you to start making shit up about trans-warp beaming. And to start you off, here are some facts about science in SPACE.

Also in Jim Kirk's pants. Surprise! )
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For those of you unacquainted with this website, I ask: do you have something against hilarity? Against schadenfreude? Against enjoying other people making terrible life decisions?

As you can imagine, the situations and sentiments described on the site have, one more than one occasion, made me wonder if some of our fandom favorites had gotten their hands on their cellies and made some back decisions of their own. A lot of boredom later, enter the dragon, i.e., this post.

(Tony DiNozzo): my facebook is like a giant collection of my one night stands )
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Ladies, you know I love delicious bookmarks. Every time I dig through it I get my heart broken and laugh until I cry because it really is epic pain. You know what I mean. At first, it's all good. You're scrolling through your network and there's some good stuff tagged there.

But the next thing you know it's 3am on a Tuesday and you're staring, determined, at an actual subscription feed for something terrible like slave!Jensen or kitten!Merlin.


The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is going back for more because every time delicious punches me in the face I suddenly crave something even worse. "Oooh, maybe there will be something good for Generation Kill today!"

Probably not. But he only does it because he loves me.

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