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Even though Deadspin seems to think, foolishly, that the jockeys are the actual object of desire in this calendar, any true Supernatural fan will understand (as we do, by proxy) that the true beauty of this thing is the symphony of desires that is a horse and a man.

(Also, can we address how deeply fucking weird it is to have our so-called erotic fan fiction so mainstream that fucking Deadspin is talking about it? Is it not bad enough that Time Magazine decided to traumatize me for life by writing about it so that it stared up at me from every newsstand in the universe.)
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So every few months, the enterprising perverts at Blindfold SPN remind us all why Supernatural is the most magical, prolapsed, amazing fandom in the universe. Similarly, every few months, the rest of the FG staff stop talking to me because all I want to do is tell them about amazing diaper kink fic that someone has kindly filled on that kink meme, thereby instantly invalidating any and all discussion about varying levels of filth evident in other fandoms.

So far this year, in addition to a worrisome new trend for, well, diapers, and a story calling for a "Jensen/Stallion" pairing that we will not explore at this juncture, I found this magical nugget:

I think we can all agree that we all saw the writing on the wall for this one. And that it will be femdom involving a double-headed dildo and awkwardly located papercuts.
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It's that time again! Have you missed me? More likely you have missed your dose of delicious bookmarks based schadenfreud.

Baby, I've got loads right here. )

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