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Massive image below the cut )

In case you were wondering about everything else.

If you need fixes sooner, lots of actors, directors of photography, etc, are on twitter and tweeting pictures from set right now, including Masi Oka as a regular on Hawaii Five-0 season 2.
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What's on and what's worth watching this summer, below the cut )

Outside? Outside is for suckers. Watch more tv and join more kink memes.
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Do you know why, Fangasmic fans? Because some of our favourite TV shows are finally coming back!

If you're not watching these three shows, you should be. I'm assuming most of you are watching at least one. )

There you go, guys. And don't give me the excuse of having too many shows to watch already - we all know summer tv is a barren waste land of re-runs. You'll have the time.
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What if Steve finally got Danny to marry him and wound up taking care of Grace regularly? Stuff like this would happen.

I just have a lot of feelings. )

You know you love it.
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It's a surprising mix this year, guys. Most tv shows do a Christmas/holiday episode before the break (if Numb3rs were still on we could have a cool Hanukkah episode) and some of them are terrifying. Super terrifying. Like I debated whether or not I should watch Criminal Minds this week in case it was a Christmas episode and decided not to do it. Because if it was a Christmas episode? It might ruin Christmas.

But here are some things that did not ruin Christmas. In fact, here are my picks for Best TV Christmas Episodes of 2010 )

Of course Christmas Special season isn't over, and I didn't actually watch Criminal Minds out of sheer terror, but hey, I'm buying presents and stuff; I can't watch them all. Tell us what your favourite new holiday special was this year in the comments!
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Highlights for this week's TV shows contain spoilers.

Covert Affairs, Psych, White Collar, Rizzoli & Isles, Leverage )

Shows to look out for:

48 days until a new season of America's Next Top Model
60 days until a new season of Castle
63 days until new episodes of Bones, Fringe, and 30 Rock.

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