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Massive image below the cut )

In case you were wondering about everything else.

If you need fixes sooner, lots of actors, directors of photography, etc, are on twitter and tweeting pictures from set right now, including Masi Oka as a regular on Hawaii Five-0 season 2.
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Welcome back to the summer TV wasteland, FG fans. You know, that stretch of four months where broadcasters think we should be outside or something instead of watching TV with the curtains drawn. I don't know about you, but the outside doesn't mix well with me. I think it might be out to get me.

I drew up a list of shows that are actually airing new episodes right now that I thought you should watch, but the FG staff looked at it and [personal profile] stopitsomemore instantly said "So basically USA." Yep. USA appears to be almost the only channel showing new shows during the summer months. (I could write a whole piece asking how they expect to get advertisers during these months, but apparently they do okay, and also, that would be really boring.)

Coincidentally, posted an article recently titled How to Create a USA Show in Six Easy Steps, and it is excellent. The steps are these: )

Your turn, FG fans! Turn a show into a USA hit. Supernatural? Stargate? The Mentalist? Just add sunshine and sunglasses.
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Big news, guys! Everyone is on break for the holidays, even tv shows, but here's when you can expect some of our favourites to air again:

Nikita, Fringe, 30 Rock, Bones, White Collar, NCIS, NCIS LA, CSI NY, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who )

What else are you excited about? Some shows haven't listed when they're coming back yet, but when we do, we'll let you know.
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I only ask because the relationship developments in the shows I've been watching this week have all left me gaping at the screen, or trying valiantly not to cry. Let's recap, shall we?

Bones, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0 )

Mmmm, television.
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We all knew this day would come, but it stills seems too soon! Leonard Nimoy, despite your long history as an actor, a photographer, a director and an all-around badass, news you are retiring entirely from one of your many talents still comes as a blow. Who else will be sinister and fabulous and haul around an oxygen tank on Fringe? Who else will give Spock advice about how to get Jim Kirk to stop humping his leg in public and stuff? His exit leaves a hole in our hearts -- and leads most of the FG staff to weep -- but he's still around, and hey, we can always hope: it's a Vulcan's prerogative to change his mind if doing so is logical, right?

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