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In the words of the King of Horror, "Harry Potter is about doing whats right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend," which is a sentiment most of FG believes. (One of us is a fan. We don't like to talk about it.) (It's not me.) (Seriously, it's not me.) (Fuck you assholes.)

More importantly, instead of just complaining about it or cruelly mocking what will, inevitably, be a much regretted decision in ten years, someone has decided to be proactive about it:

So if there's someone in your life you're worried about, who's been secretive, withdrawn, who may or may not have been consuming glittery vampire lit alone, who has been arguing that actually, Twilight isn't as bad as everybody says it is, you're just a square who isn't cool enough to understand, and grinding up their second copy to freebase it -- there's finally help. Bring them to ComiCon. Get them some actual fucking vampire stuff. Seriously.
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I saw this chart today which depicts, according to the internet, the most popular shows on TV right now. Are they serious? Or are a lot of people out there just talking about terrible, terrible things? (Because we do that all the time at FG, but we don't expect anyone to take us seriously.)

What? How are you still watching Friends? )

It's a good thing the chart cut off there, or I could be here forever telling shows they suck hard and not in a fun way. This reminds me of why I hate tv and appointment viewing- you always wind up catching five minutes of something terrible.

Of course the other FG staff watch things I hate and I watch things they hate. We openly will tell you we have terrible and amazing taste. But the rest of the internet? They have to justify this stuff. Because I hate 99% of the shows on that list.
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According to E! Online, fans have already begun lining up in L.A. for viewing spots (not tickets!) for the red carpet premiere of the third movie in the Twilight franchise, Eclipse.

Most notable of the people profiled? A woman who flew to L.A. from Australia to join her fellow sisters waiting breathlessly at Camp Sparklemotion. Damn, girl.

It's all fun and games until you ruin your Edward Cullen crotch panties.

I do try not to judge my fellow fangirls over the source materials they choose to, well, fangirl- a grown ass woman who owns all three High School Musical movies on DVD does not have the cred to pick up a stone, let alone cast it, and but for the grace of God go I into Jonas Brothers fandom. Besides, I must confess, myself and [personal profile] damngirl will be paying money to see Eclipse. (I will also be paying money for the two large margaritas I'll need to consume to see Eclipse.)

Still. Am I the only one who wishes that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was on hand for these shenanigans?
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So, this morning, I scratched out [personal profile] thatneedslube's eyes to write this story.


Okay, some back story. In the spirit of being a good editor, [personal profile] stopitsomemore sent out a link to this legitimate news story. If you're hesitant to click any of our links after the whole Jesus thing, here is the text, gloriously reproduced.

Dear Amy: I am a divorced woman in my mid-50s and am happy with my life. I have friends and great relationships with my kids, their spouses and the grandkids.

I have dated two men since divorcing, neither one for long. That has not bothered me until lately.

I recently read a popular book series. It was geared toward younger readers originally. I have been obsessed with these stories and have really grown attached to the primary male character.

I'm so sorry I don't have the same type of love that this character has for the female character. I have been depressed about this.

I don't know if I am having a "middle-age" breakdown or what. I don't know if I should seek counseling.

I feel like I am missing a lot all of a sudden, and I keep thinking about this character and wanting a love like he has. What is wrong with me?


Dear Obsessed: It seems the "Twilight" series may have sent you over the edge. If you confess to an obsession, wonder if you are having a breakdown and worry about your behavior, then you should seek counseling.

The best part is that the Agony Aunt *assumes* it's Twilight. )

What do you think, dear readers? Is this the tip of the iceberg? Will Dear Abby next be asked how to have a werewolf-friendly Christmas when your pack has recently split over a half-vampire baby? (I would say spoiler, but everyone on the internet knows about this shit.)

More importantly, what awful, terrible, bad, no-good things do you love? Fandoms, movies, television, books, WHAT HAVE YOU! This is a zero-shame zone. I ADMITTED MY PROBLEM, COME FORTH, TELL US YOURS.

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