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What's on and what's worth watching this summer, below the cut:

Leverage has started up again. We've all missed the team and the season started off with angry!Elliot and feelings!Parker and lots of snow. They're only a few episodes into the season, so start watching. Episodes air Sundays at 9pm EST.

The Glades took an interesting turn at the end of last season, and it's back with more twists and more character development. On occasion this show can feel very 14-year-old-girl, but generally speaking it's a decent crime drama set in the sunshine state. Sundays at 10pm EST.

Warehouse 13 returns with a new season tomorrow at 9pm on Space/SyFy. We've missed Claudia a lot. And everyone else, yes. But mostly Claudia.

Rizzoli & Isles picks up from it's major cliff-hanger with season 2 starting this Monday at 10pm EST. If you missed season 1 there are still several hours left in Sunday. It's not too late.

White Collar has taken a somewhat upsetting turn, but despite the last five minutes of every episode this season being devoted to Neal probably betraying Peter everything else has remained magical. With luck the writers aren't dumb and have a solid solution. Airs Tuesdays.

Necessary Roughness is one of USA's new shows, and while it didn't sound that great on paper we've given it a shot and are actually really enjoying it. There are only two episodes out so far, so it's easy to jump into. Airs Wednesdays.

Suits is by far the break-out star of summer. Take some lawyer background and throw an incredibly gay relationship in front of it with some fun banter. The first episode is weak but episodes 2 and 3 had us clutching our hands and squeeing. Don't miss this one. Airs every Thursday.

Project Runway. Okay, it's 17 days away but how can you say no to Tim Gunn? You can't. Returns Wednesday July 27.

Outside? Outside is for suckers. Watch more tv and join more kink memes.

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