Jul. 9th, 2011

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Welcome back to the summer TV wasteland, FG fans. You know, that stretch of four months where broadcasters think we should be outside or something instead of watching TV with the curtains drawn. I don't know about you, but the outside doesn't mix well with me. I think it might be out to get me.

I drew up a list of shows that are actually airing new episodes right now that I thought you should watch, but the FG staff looked at it and [personal profile] stopitsomemore instantly said "So basically USA." Yep. USA appears to be almost the only channel showing new shows during the summer months. (I could write a whole piece asking how they expect to get advertisers during these months, but apparently they do okay, and also, that would be really boring.)

Coincidentally, NYmag.com posted an article recently titled How to Create a USA Show in Six Easy Steps, and it is excellent. The steps are these: )

Your turn, FG fans! Turn a show into a USA hit. Supernatural? Stargate? The Mentalist? Just add sunshine and sunglasses.

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