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You asked, and now you're receiving it, hard, fangasmic fans. Check out our new So Delicious, So Terrible tumblr account and submit your favorites.
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Have you logged into Delicious today? It's time to click yes to approve your content staying on Delicious once it's officially sold to the new owners. Once you've done it, something magical happens.



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When we heard that Yahoo had bought Delicious Bookmarks back in the day, we were understandably upset. We were even more upset when we found out that Yahoo also has a service called Yahoo! Bookmarks, which is yes, another social bookmarking service.

You were probably just as mad as we were when you heard Yahoo intended to get rid of Delicious because it wasn't profitable when they had, instead of either merging their two similar services or working on both, ignored Delicious almost entirely and then acted surprised when it didn't make any money.

But hey, surprise! The bad news from Yahoo never stops. Yahoo has announced it is discontinuing a service called Yahoo Buzz. It's not the same as Google Buzz because frankly the only people still using Yahoo for email are my mother's age and/or terrified of changing addresses. No, take a guess.

It's yet another social bookmarking service.

Yeah. We're debating starting a regular feature called Yahoo Ruins Everything.
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Awhile back we covered Yahoo's completely unsurprising news about Delicious Bookmarks. If you've forgotten, here's what happened: And news about who bought delicious and why it's a big deal for a little money )

Pros and cons in the comments, people. Let's break this down.
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Well that was a terrifying 24 hours. First there was the news that Yahoo would likely shut down Delicious, permanently, in the near future. Fandom had a freak out, understandably, overloading and accidentally DDOS'ing the servers of previously lesser-known but similar services Diigo, Pinboard.IN, and Licorize to name a few. Fans even discussed starting an alternative service called Fanmarks which we still think would be interesting (maybe with specific clouds for fandoms, etc).

Luckily, late this afternoon news was released on the official Delicious blog that Delicious isn't being shut down, it's more likely being sold and we collectively released the breath we'd been holding. The only downside is that we'd all already gone through 24 hours of grieving and the usual stages: Shock and Denial, Pain and Guilt, Bargaining... )

TL;DR: Right, the point is: aren't you glad I don't have to rename our So Delicious So Terrible feature So PinboardIN So Terrible?

Yeah. Me too.
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Obviously you know we're suckers for our favourite actors showing up on other programs, soothing us with their incredibly deep, sexy voices and... wait. Wait. I got off track. The point is, Benedict Cumberbatch will be hosting Have I Got News For You on October 14th on BBC1.

In case you're unfamiliar with HIGNFY (like I was) I've done the Googling for you! It is one of those delightful comedy news/quiz shows that are so popular in the UK and that have started eating up all of my evenings because they are the funniest fucking things on television.

Remember when David Tennant hosted Never Mind the Buzzcocks for a Doctor Who/music special? No? I bet you're trying to find it right now, and if not you should be because it was goddamn amazing.

So yes. Cumberbitch, deep voice, funny jokes, maybe some news for you. Be ready to love it, people.
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So, listening to the radio this morning- like the other time- I nearly seized and died.


So, the fact that Daniel Craig has been hankering to have Bond bat for the other team is old news- but apparently that was for more personal reasons than previously believed.

Craig was caught macking on dudes all over Venice last week. Unfortunately, no photographic evidence, but really, I think this says it all:


Say no more.
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First things first, I am hanging on to coherency here by sheer force of will. In fact, this post was two morning cups of coffee away from being nothing but pages and pages of straight up keyboard smashing.


Because, as the scifiwire reports, Warner Bros has kicked off the script-writing process for a planned reboot of the beloved-by-fandom 1960s TV show, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Some of you might be thinking, "What the fuck are you talking about, [personal profile] whyareyoulikethis? Man From U.N.C.L.E.? Was it a show about a dude with an uncle? Why should I care?"

For you sad, deprived folks, I offer a brief introduction into the awesome. )

But why reboot?

Others of you might be thinking, "Dear God, no, why must they reboot everything? Why can't Hollywood go bulldoze someone else's sandbox?"

Now the recent trends of rebooting and Fandom is a whole 'nother essay for another day, but I for one generally love reboots. This is probably because I'm shallow and enjoy moar hot people- just think, SPIES: NO UGLIES, it could be coming!- and explosions in my entertainment.

Of course, the MFU reboot could be closer to a Get Smart fail than a Star Trek XI win, but I'm erring on the side of optimism for now. And we can always hope that at the very least it will introduce a whole new group of fans to the show.

Now the only lingering question is: who are they going to get to play them?

Have a seat on the Fandom Casting Couch, Good Idea/Bad Idea style. )

The MFU film is obviously still in the early stages of development, so who knows when/if it will come to the big screen, but as for me, consider my ticket bought and my pants already peed from excitement. What about you guys? And do you have any casting suggestions?
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I know we talk about Supernatural around here a lot, but at least this time we're talking about a Supernatural web spin off? (Before you ask, no, the Trickster is not getting his own Punk'd-style faux reality show where he goes around magically fucking with people's lives. That one is only in my dreams.)

As you may be aware, our favorite Ghostfacers have their own web series, and the first episode airs online tomorrow.

For those of you unfamiliar, Ghostfacers was a fake show-within-a-show on two episodes of Supernatural, spoofing on the slew of paranormal "reality" shows all over the boob tube: GhostHunters, GhostHunters Academy, GhostHunters International, Paranormal State, Paranormal Cops, Destination Truth, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted, and last but not least, Psychic Kids. ([personal profile] stopitsomemore, for the record, loves and is genuinely freaked out by Psychic Kids. No, we don't know why either.)

The parody was dead on, and gave rise to aprons and t-shirts but also some beloved one-off SPN characters- Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore, the hosts of the show, and Corbett the famous gay (dead) intern.

Well, Ed and Harry are back (Corbett is not for obvious reasons), with a series of three minute webisodes that will air every Thursday concurrently with Supernatural, and hopefully will prove to be as scary/hilarious as what we've seen from the Ghostfacers team before.

There are no excuses for this. I apologize.

The first webisode will premiere tomorrow to go along with the 100th (!!!) episode of Supernatural, on Who's excited?
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So, amidst multiple conflicting reports, RPattz of the Filthy Locks may, or may not, be playing Kurt Cobain in an upcoming biopic.

Of more earth-shattering import is the amazing manip the Sun did to create your visual for you:


I legitimately do not even know where to begin.

Now, for all the NIRVANA fans flipping a shit right this hot second- it could be worse:


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According to TVSquad, Michael Rosenbaum, along with Jonathan Silverman, has signed on to play a one of the leads in a SyFy sitcom about washed up science fiction stars. The premise of the show, dubiously titled Saved By Zeroes, is that the two has-beens, now broke, must turn to the scifi convention circuit in order to pay rent. We'll let you turn that one over in your heads for a moment.

Maybe all of his participation in Smallville was just an experiment in Michael Rosenbaum being a method actor!!! The world may never know.

We’re not sure if this is the best or worst idea ever, but we do have one burning question: Do you think there will be a scene where someone presents Michael Rosenbaum’s character with a box of sex toys? We can only hope. (Maybe. We’re not sure. Actually, we’re possibly still traumatized.)

We over here at Fanspastic are big fans of Mr. Rosenbaum, and have been waiting for him to dust off his visor and return back in front of the camera for a while. (No, PG Porn doesn’t count.) This seems like a perfect project for Rosenbaum to capitalize on the fannish goodwill he still has from being the best thing about Smallville, while not requiring him to do annoying things like shave his head or wear purple or, you know, work that much.

However, the success of the project will ultimately depend on how well the show strikes that delicate balance in tone and humor. Hard to say at this early stage, but it’s possible that Saved by Zeroes will hit too close to home for some fans- or worse, get it all wrong.

More importantly, too much mean-spirited mocking of the convention-going "zeroes" and it will turn off its core audience faster than you can say “smut box" or “what is wrong with you, Smallville fandom?" We suggest looking at Galaxy Quest or later episodes of The Big Bang Theory for a model of how to do geek humor that laughs with us, not at us.

Either way, however it turns out, welcome back to TV, Mike. We’ve missed you.
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So maybe you thought you were pretty damn nerdy when you walked outside today wearing your Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock t-shirt, happy and secure in your geek chic cred.

I'm here to tell you that you've just been pwned, everyone. You have to wake up pretty early in the day to out-nerd the scientists at the Himeji Institute of Technology:


Why yes that IS a model of the Starship Enterprise that is only visible via an electron microscope. This little guy was carved out of somethingthefuckever using nothing but lasers and science and the sheer hope and promise of an egalitarian galactic future.

Mull it.

I like to think this business came about as the result of a particularly intense game of truth or dare at the most recent Himeji Institute of Technology kegger.

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