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Have you logged into Delicious today? It's time to click yes to approve your content staying on Delicious once it's officially sold to the new owners. Once you've done it, something magical happens.



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When we heard that Yahoo had bought Delicious Bookmarks back in the day, we were understandably upset. We were even more upset when we found out that Yahoo also has a service called Yahoo! Bookmarks, which is yes, another social bookmarking service.

You were probably just as mad as we were when you heard Yahoo intended to get rid of Delicious because it wasn't profitable when they had, instead of either merging their two similar services or working on both, ignored Delicious almost entirely and then acted surprised when it didn't make any money.

But hey, surprise! The bad news from Yahoo never stops. Yahoo has announced it is discontinuing a service called Yahoo Buzz. It's not the same as Google Buzz because frankly the only people still using Yahoo for email are my mother's age and/or terrified of changing addresses. No, take a guess.

It's yet another social bookmarking service.

Yeah. We're debating starting a regular feature called Yahoo Ruins Everything.
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Awhile back we covered Yahoo's completely unsurprising news about Delicious Bookmarks. If you've forgotten, here's what happened: And news about who bought delicious and why it's a big deal for a little money )

Pros and cons in the comments, people. Let's break this down.
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Well that was a terrifying 24 hours. First there was the news that Yahoo would likely shut down Delicious, permanently, in the near future. Fandom had a freak out, understandably, overloading and accidentally DDOS'ing the servers of previously lesser-known but similar services Diigo, Pinboard.IN, and Licorize to name a few. Fans even discussed starting an alternative service called Fanmarks which we still think would be interesting (maybe with specific clouds for fandoms, etc).

Luckily, late this afternoon news was released on the official Delicious blog that Delicious isn't being shut down, it's more likely being sold and we collectively released the breath we'd been holding. The only downside is that we'd all already gone through 24 hours of grieving and the usual stages: Shock and Denial, Pain and Guilt, Bargaining... )

TL;DR: Right, the point is: aren't you glad I don't have to rename our So Delicious So Terrible feature So PinboardIN So Terrible?

Yeah. Me too.

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