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When we heard that Yahoo had bought Delicious Bookmarks back in the day, we were understandably upset. We were even more upset when we found out that Yahoo also has a service called Yahoo! Bookmarks, which is yes, another social bookmarking service.

You were probably just as mad as we were when you heard Yahoo intended to get rid of Delicious because it wasn't profitable when they had, instead of either merging their two similar services or working on both, ignored Delicious almost entirely and then acted surprised when it didn't make any money.

But hey, surprise! The bad news from Yahoo never stops. Yahoo has announced it is discontinuing a service called Yahoo Buzz. It's not the same as Google Buzz because frankly the only people still using Yahoo for email are my mother's age and/or terrified of changing addresses. No, take a guess.

It's yet another social bookmarking service.

Yeah. We're debating starting a regular feature called Yahoo Ruins Everything.
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If you are in the business of sending giant things up into the sky, very, very close to the sun, what should you be naming said project in order to guarantee success? That's right, not Project Icarus. That's basically like flinging money at a black hole that's laughing at you, or engaging hubris on a level that speaks of urgent, forthcoming hatesex, you know? As John Sheppard would say, these guys are not allowed to name things.

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