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Go to Amazon. Click on the Kindle eBooks section. Arrange price low to high.

Laugh forever.

Despite being fannish and therefore irreparably attracted to part-cat people, I have so far resisted the urge to click on this. Please note however, it is among the top "sellers".

Get it? He's fast! I bet she's "fast", too.

Guaranteed this is a euphemism for balls.

NCIS Gibbs/DiNozzo fic with the serial numbers filed off. Probably there are still soap beatings.

...always a vampire?

For your friend who is obsessed with babies. Btw, about babies...

Uhm, no thanks.

I know it's not So Delicious, So Terrible, but things happen. Not babies, but you know, things. We'll have some more goodness for you soon enough.
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