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I think that's pretty self-explanatory. And then Misha decided to share this:

Okay guys, I think it's pretty evident that Misha Collins and Jim Beaver are annoyed that Jared and Jensen get all the attention (and songs). Nobody on the current Fanspastic editorial team knows how to vid. Or sing. Nor should we be allowed to, but as has proven over the years, anybody who can peck their way across a keyboard can write a fanfiction! So -- this is for you, Misha and Jim Beaver. You earned it:

The blue-eyed, tousle-haired "angel" smiled bitterly. There was only one empty seat on the air plane. Now he would have to sit next to Jim. Jim Beaver. Who had no idea of all the things that Misha had thought about him, all of the nights he could not sleep and stared at his ceiling: yearning. "Hello," Jim said, sitting down. He smelled like trucker hats and true love. "Hi," Misha said, and hated himself for being lame. Why couldn't he be cool? He knew he did not have a chance with Jim Beaver -- he was so handsome; his beard so scratchy and badass-ly kept -- but he could at least be friends. It was shameful. Jim pulled out his cell phone and started thumbing away at it, and Misha tried not to spy, forces himself to look out the window of the airplane instead. In just a few hours, they will be in Vancouver again, and Misha thinks that the gray overcast skies will match the feeling stuffing up his throat. The worst part is that nobody, when he gets to the Supernatural set, will really understand him; he and Jared had been best friends, but then Jared had gotten married, and now spent all his time in his trailer talking to his new wife. And Misha knew he should be over Jensen calling him a whore at that convention, but it still hurt. Misha closes his eyes and curls into himself. He is cold. Like Canada.

No need to feedback, guys. I can tell you love it.
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So. Does everybody follow Jim Beaver's twitter account? Originally, this was going to be a round-up, but then I actually started to go through motherfucker's twitter account, and was like "GIRL, WHAT?" and so now, it is a Jim Beaver, What ARE You? post.

In chronological order, just the highlights:

Was it Jeffrey Dean Morgan? If it was, pull on your left ear. There are many girls who have tried to forward the Bobby/John Winchester effort who need this information. (I don't need this information. Wait until I'm looking away.)

Baby, word. You know who else is a lesbian trapped in a man's body? Sam Winchester.

Adorable! I wonder if Jim Beaver asks Jensen if he's read any good J2 RPS every time they see each other. I would!

Seriously, this can only end in yogurt bukkake and snakes on a motherfucking plane.

The only possible explanation is that working on Supernatural does something to the actors.

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