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It doesn't just get better, kids. It's gets more Takei. <3
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Darlings, I debated posting some kind of fantastic valentine for you but instead I think I will celebrate February 15 (Lupercalia) by finding for you the best of the worst of delicious. What more could you ask for? I'm so good to you.

Another round of So Delicious, So Terrible awaits you )

Aw man, delicious, why you gotta be this way? Can't you just throw some hot Steve/Danny at me? No? Why do I even date you. Why.
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We're undecided about fic warnings here at FG. Some of us are all for them and some of us think they're dumb, but there are some things we all agree stories should warn for ahead of time. The kind of things that no author would ever actually warn you for, you know? I guess that's what fic recs are for. Regardless, please enjoy these humorous caveats.

Warning: One of them turns into a dog in the middle. Before the NC-17 part. )

What impossible things do you wish authors would warn for? Tell us!
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You may have noticed that here at Fangasmic we are dedicated, heart and soul, to science.Clearly the scientific method is hard at work in our hearts, as we strive for accuracy and meaningful results. So here, have a completely scientific breakdown of a few scifi shows by key content categories:

Our sample size is small, but our attention to gay is impressive. )

If you could categorize your favourite scifi (and not really scifi but who cares) shows like this how would they score? I mean, obviously Hawaii Five-0 is like 70% gay and 30% explosions, but other than that.
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Wow, it's been awhile since I have showered you with the delights I find trawling through Delicious, hasn't it? I can fix that.

Be warned, this is, as usual, full of terribleness. )

You guys are so lucky our editor was here and made me remove a few things from this post. This is my entire backlog of delicious caps. Now I can start fresh with the blood of Sherlock fandom. Be excited.
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So apparently, the fuckugly red thing that James T. Kirk wore while weeping and boldly gaying shit up where no one had ever gayed shit up before, inspiring an entire generation of brilliant women to stop, pause, and say, "...hey, I'd really enjoy it if those two hit it," is going to be up for auction this weekend in Beverly Hills.

It was first worn by Shatner's character Admiral James T Kirk and appeared in 1982 film The Wrath of Khan before being adapted for actor Leon Russom, who starred in Star Trek VI.

Both actor's names can still be seen printed on the inside of the garment, which is tied at the waist with a belt, and buckle shaped like the Starfleet command division logo.

Start breaking your piggy banks, girls, and digging quarters up from between the couch cushions, but be aware that it's probably going to go for like 13,000 pounds so maybe just sell a sibling or unwanted child instead?
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Because in the absence of their shows, Zachary Quinto (Heroes, RIP) and John Cho (FlashForward) are basically sitting around on twitter making fun of Chris Pine's hair.

It starts when John Cho posts this:

Caption suggestions? on Twitpic

Which prompts the following exchange:

Zachary Quinto (ZacharyQuinto) on Twitter

John Cho (JohnTheCho) on Twitter

Zachary Quinto (ZacharyQuinto) on Twitter

And somewhere out there, I am guessing that this is Chris Pine's face:

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Everybody does it. Everybody has a shameful day of feeling ugly once in awhile and goes home and listens to diva songs about how awesome/right/beautiful they are.

Even Lt. Worf.

'I am Beautiful' by Joshua & Nathan Flynn from Joshua Flynn on Vimeo.

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James Franco, who successfully convinced us all for years that he was a norm, continues to make strange choices. No, he's not designing a line of Japanese body pillows with soap opera characters on them (though a) he should and b) we would not be surprised at all if he did).

Instead, clearly the next step in his career is for someone to give the man an art show, as Gawker reports. We think you'll find his latest project strangely relevant to your interests (emphasis mine):

(The show) addresses boyhood and the "sexual confusion" of adolescence, as Ms. Heiss put it. Short films focus on demolition, showing burning or bullet-riddled structures like a plastic toy home or a large wooden rocket (the exhibition contains originals or replicas of these). Another work explores a romantic encounter between "Star Trek" characters Spock and James T. Kirk.

"I feel like shows or films that deal with kids, they're playing to all of these sexual feelings that you have at that age, but they don't fully admit to it," he said. "So I kind of try to draw that out. The implicit in those shows and books, I try to make it a little more explicit."

So there you have it, one man's art is another woman's 40 odd years of beautiful porn tradition. Welcome, James Franco, to the fold of secret celebrity slashers. But fair warning, James, just because you're sort of one of us, that doesn't mean we know what to do with you, okay? You're like the kid in the Fandom Cafeteria at the table in the corner by yourself not blinking and making socially relevant sculptures with everyone's plastic forks. (Or should I say sporks? Get it?)

James Franco's solo art show, called 'The Dangerous Book For Boys,' opens on June 23 at the Clocktower Gallery in New York City. According to its well-regarded curator Franco work is that of "a visionary artist for his generation," but fuck that, we all know why fangirls are really going to go.
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Patrick Stewart: Officially Awesome. So says Queen E2, so say we all.
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[personal profile] thatneedslube: so side note re: world politics
[personal profile] stopitsomemore: WE ARE NOT TALKING
[personal profile] thatneedslube: this thailand business is insane and tragic
[personal profile] stopitsomemore: ABOUT BRITISH POLITICS RPS
oh thank god.
[personal profile] damngirl: hahahahaha
[personal profile] whyareyoulikethis: dude, but it's there.
[personal profile] thatneedslube: but when I hear they called themselves the red shirt movement
[personal profile] damngirl: yeah, thailand is bugfuck
[personal profile] thatneedslube: ....I just assume they're going to fail
[personal profile] stopitsomemore: oh [personal profile] thatneedslube.
[personal profile] damngirl: HAHAH
[personal profile] thatneedslube: well COME ON
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Now that Monday is here, it's time for some Deep Thoughts with Fangasmic. Today's essay is one that was promised you last week: reboots- and no, we don't mean that tragically underrated 90s Canadian cartoon.

The ongoing trend of remaking old properties has been well documented in the mainstream media. Every day seems to bring the rumors of another one; they're everywhere. Off the top of my head I can think of several: Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Bewitched, Get Smart, The Brady Bunch, The Mod Squad, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie's Angels, Battlestar Galactica, the upcoming movie of The A-Team, and the list continues. Most recently we've heard that Gilligan's Island is getting re-heeled, and Man From U.N.C.L.E. possibly not far behind. It begs the question, what else is left to reboot? (If you thought I Dream of Jeannie was safe/too problematic thanks to its 1960s gender politics, think again.)

It's easy to see where the trend comes from. Viewing past pop culture through the ironic lens of the present is what makes the successful VH1 franchise I Love The Decadewhateverthefuck tick. And forget individual shows, there's a whole cable channel devoted to nostalgic television that does pretty well for itself. There's obviously a market for this stuff.

Reboots may be a one-trick pony with limited narrative scope- look at that list above, you'll notice that BSG is the only non-movie up there with more than 2.5 hours of material- but that doesn't seem to be stopping anyone. Just recast it with younger, more attractive people, throw in some explosions and a few winking nods at the silly conventions of the original and boom! You've got yourself a remake.

And sure, maybe no one has ever considered The Brady Bunch sacred territory, but what about shows that Fandom has embraced? What happens when an old fandom gets rebooted, not just a franchise?

What happens? People stop being polite...and start getting REAL. )
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I have an addiction. Not just my love of SCIENCE, or my obvious and painful relationship with Delicious Bookmarks, but something even more shameful. It's _finders coms. You know, when you get a shiny new fandom you immediately join the community for your favourite pairing, maybe the newsletter, and of course, the fic finding community.

I make up all sorts of reasons for my membership in _finders coms, but they're all only partly true. )
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We all knew this day would come, but it stills seems too soon! Leonard Nimoy, despite your long history as an actor, a photographer, a director and an all-around badass, news you are retiring entirely from one of your many talents still comes as a blow. Who else will be sinister and fabulous and haul around an oxygen tank on Fringe? Who else will give Spock advice about how to get Jim Kirk to stop humping his leg in public and stuff? His exit leaves a hole in our hearts -- and leads most of the FG staff to weep -- but he's still around, and hey, we can always hope: it's a Vulcan's prerogative to change his mind if doing so is logical, right?
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On the list of people my father would disapprove of me dating (read: all people; any people) there is one type in particular that would drive him to violence. He would probably label these people "wusses", "pansies", or "wimps". Now I'm not saying Wil Wheaton is any of these things, but at the time when I had a giant crush on him? Definitely.

Sorry, Wil. But don't worry! I still love you! )

I don't care if dad would hate him. Ten year old me still wants to hold hands with Wesley Crusher and visit the holodeck. We could be obnoxious and pretentious together and make plans to take over the galaxy in a very positively received way. It would be awesome.

And then my dad would have to kill him and bury the body.

But before that happened I would have the chance to rub how awesome WW is in everyone's faces. If I could go back in time to the late 80s/early 90s, maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn't! But if I did, I'd say this: CHECK OUT WIL WHEATON NOW, BITCHES.

* Bradley James, I doubt you are reading this, but if you are, please stay clean-shaven. I mean, you looked fine with facial hair but your face is so beautiful it really deserves to be on display at all times. Much like the rest of you.
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There are a few things you could post on delicious that would basically guarantee me clicking on them. Almost all of them are embarrassing and kind of stupid, which means that once in awhile I almost feel bad about making fun of what other people bookmark on there. But not for very long, because the rest of the Fangasmic staff spend most of the day making fun of my reading habits.

You could call those long stretches of conversation that inevitably end with something like this actual conversation:

[personal profile] thatneedslube: I just found a Star Trek AU based on You've Got Mail but with science!!
[personal profile] terribleperson: Of course you did
[personal profile] terribleperson: You are, like, our Unicorn Finder. You are Merlin.

So don't worry, guys. Your pain is my pain. Just as your love of cat AUs is mine. (Or maybe that's just mine entirely.)

Whatevs. You wish you were a unicorn finder like me. Unicorn finding is awesome. )

Listen, if you have some awesome delicious recs I'll take them. And I will scribble all over them and make notes and then try to track that thing down in google so I can read it myself, shamefully, on my phone in public without getting caught. It's what I do.
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I'm a Star Trek fan. I grew up watching The Next Generation and you better believe I basically peed myself over the new movie. But TNG will always be my main Star Trek love. I can't help it. Captain Picard was smooth, suave, and intelligent. Commander Riker was, well, commanding (Oh, hello, post-pubescent self), and hell, I even liked Wesley Crusher. (I know, the masses hated him, but check out Wil Wheaton now, bitches.)

But let's keep it real. The main draw on that show was Commander Data, who was the smartest person on the show and also had a cat. He was my hero. I wanted to be that daughter he created, except not because, you know, she died. And Data had all the best toys (okay, everyone on the show did). Tricorders and the LCARS system and shuttles and, of course, PADDs.

Have I mentioned that the iPad is basically a Star Trek PADD made real and that while family and friends make fun of me I want one desperately with the passion of a thousand burning stars? No?

Irrelevant. Q and Data have used it and probably want it.

Your argument is invalid.

If it comes down to it, I will fight you on the streets for this. With my fists. And my robot-like lack of compassion.
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I don't know what you kids do on long weekends, but being kind of a jerk I like to spend one day with people and two days separated from human kind. You know, play video games, bake something, read masses of terrible, mind-altering fanfiction.

What's that? You try not to read things that might make you clinically depressed and very confused? We must have different ideas of what "holiday" means. Here, have a taste of my long weekend readings:

Just wait till you see what I post on Halloween )
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• If you get 100% on this quiz, we're locking you out your house until you get a tan. (And fittingly, [personal profile] whyareyoulikethis just cheered 'cause she got a perfect score. Right.) Go test your knowledge of Star Trek fanfic here. Keep in mind, a perfect score is dubious; getting less than half, see your remedial reading here, please.

Two new clips from Supernatural 5x15!

• Recap of Castle's panel at the Paley Festival!

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