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Basically Hawaii Five-0 is our new favourite show here at FG (at least for most of us!) and this week was amazing, astounding, absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. But could we expect less? Of course not! That doesn't mean we were in any way prepared for the intense levels of heart-eyes going on, and what better way to illustrate these moments that with animated gay rainbow gifs?

Hawaii Five-0 episode 1x14 spoilers, natch. )

There's more (there always is) but I'm pretty sure that covers the salient points. Did you have other favourite moments this week? Tell us in the comments!
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He didn't mean to come on too strong about anything, Danny. Especially not because he is planning to come on strong about snuggling in the near future. It'll be for justice or to save lives, and in that case, Steve isn't sure it's possible to come on too strong about it.
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Big news, guys! Everyone is on break for the holidays, even tv shows, but here's when you can expect some of our favourites to air again:

Nikita, Fringe, 30 Rock, Bones, White Collar, NCIS, NCIS LA, CSI NY, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who )

What else are you excited about? Some shows haven't listed when they're coming back yet, but when we do, we'll let you know.
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What if Steve finally got Danny to marry him and wound up taking care of Grace regularly? Stuff like this would happen.

I just have a lot of feelings. )

You know you love it.
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It's a surprising mix this year, guys. Most tv shows do a Christmas/holiday episode before the break (if Numb3rs were still on we could have a cool Hanukkah episode) and some of them are terrifying. Super terrifying. Like I debated whether or not I should watch Criminal Minds this week in case it was a Christmas episode and decided not to do it. Because if it was a Christmas episode? It might ruin Christmas.

But here are some things that did not ruin Christmas. In fact, here are my picks for Best TV Christmas Episodes of 2010 )

Of course Christmas Special season isn't over, and I didn't actually watch Criminal Minds out of sheer terror, but hey, I'm buying presents and stuff; I can't watch them all. Tell us what your favourite new holiday special was this year in the comments!
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Because there probably won't be another session of a brief history of gay in the new Hawaii Five-0 today, enjoy some brief science about the episodes so far:

Steve takes his shirt off as often as he can, but we all know that Danny without a tie is basically naked. So to compensate for Steve not taking his shirt off, Danny frequently removes his tie in those episodes. There are only three episodes so far for which this isn't true.

That's science, ladies.
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Spoilers ahoy, but not for plot. Just for how deliciously, epically gay this show is. Prepare for heart eyes.

Heart eyes every week, guys. Episodes 1 and 2 below the cut. )

We, like Steve McGarrett have only one question left: When is Danny going to take his shirt off?

Two episodes this time, and we'll see what happens next time, FG fans. Long post is incredibly long and took all day.
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I only ask because the relationship developments in the shows I've been watching this week have all left me gaping at the screen, or trying valiantly not to cry. Let's recap, shall we?

Bones, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0 )

Mmmm, television.
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It's that time again! Have you missed me? More likely you have missed your dose of delicious bookmarks based schadenfreud.

Baby, I've got loads right here. )
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You may have noticed that here at Fangasmic we are dedicated, heart and soul, to science.Clearly the scientific method is hard at work in our hearts, as we strive for accuracy and meaningful results. So here, have a completely scientific breakdown of a few scifi shows by key content categories:

Our sample size is small, but our attention to gay is impressive. )

If you could categorize your favourite scifi (and not really scifi but who cares) shows like this how would they score? I mean, obviously Hawaii Five-0 is like 70% gay and 30% explosions, but other than that.

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