[live horses] This One Is For You, SPN Fans

Even though Deadspin seems to think, foolishly, that the jockeys are the actual object of desire in this calendar, any true Supernatural fan will understand (as we do, by proxy) that the true beauty of this thing is the symphony of desires that is a horse and a man.

(Also, can we address how deeply fucking weird it is to have our so-called erotic fan fiction so mainstream that fucking Deadspin is talking about it? Is it not bad enough that Time Magazine decided to traumatize me for life by writing about it so that it stared up at me from every newsstand in the universe.)

[delicious] Tumblr roundup

So in case you missed it, So Delicious So Terrible is now also a tumblr account that updates whenever we get submissions or whatever I find something terrible on my delicious. So below, please enjoy a round up of the things we've had there so far, in case you're not a tumblr weed.

Some Harry Potter, among other things. )

More to come, I'm sure. We love your submissions!

[bad boyz] Snow White and The Huntsman

We don't know if you've heard, but there is a remake of Snow White coming out called Snow White & The Huntsman. We have two comments:

  1. Isn't that the chick from Twilight? Ew.

  2. Um, why would anyone choose the Prince when you could have the Hunstman? HOT.

Oh wait, I lied. [personal profile] whyareyoulikethis would like to add: Pffft, w/e Kstew is awesome.

[public service] Stephen King Is Probably Also Sponsoring This Business

In the words of the King of Horror, "Harry Potter is about doing whats right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend," which is a sentiment most of FG believes. (One of us is a fan. We don't like to talk about it.) (It's not me.) (Seriously, it's not me.) (Fuck you assholes.)

More importantly, instead of just complaining about it or cruelly mocking what will, inevitably, be a much regretted decision in ten years, someone has decided to be proactive about it:

So if there's someone in your life you're worried about, who's been secretive, withdrawn, who may or may not have been consuming glittery vampire lit alone, who has been arguing that actually, Twilight isn't as bad as everybody says it is, you're just a square who isn't cool enough to understand, and grinding up their second copy to freebase it -- there's finally help. Bring them to ComiCon. Get them some actual fucking vampire stuff. Seriously.

[tv schedule] When Your Shows Are Coming Back

Massive image below the cut )

In case you were wondering about everything else.

If you need fixes sooner, lots of actors, directors of photography, etc, are on twitter and tweeting pictures from set right now, including Masi Oka as a regular on Hawaii Five-0 season 2.

[karma] In Some Way, I Think We All Knew This Was Coming

So every few months, the enterprising perverts at Blindfold SPN remind us all why Supernatural is the most magical, prolapsed, amazing fandom in the universe. Similarly, every few months, the rest of the FG staff stop talking to me because all I want to do is tell them about amazing diaper kink fic that someone has kindly filled on that kink meme, thereby instantly invalidating any and all discussion about varying levels of filth evident in other fandoms.

So far this year, in addition to a worrisome new trend for, well, diapers, and a story calling for a "Jensen/Stallion" pairing that we will not explore at this juncture, I found this magical nugget:

I think we can all agree that we all saw the writing on the wall for this one. And that it will be femdom involving a double-headed dildo and awkwardly located papercuts.

[wish fulfillment] A Deliciously Terrible Tumblr

You asked, and now you're receiving it, hard, fangasmic fans. Check out our new So Delicious, So Terrible tumblr account and submit your favorites.

[delicious] Back In MY Day...

Aaaand we're back. Get ready for some terribly delicious or deliciously terrible highlights, crew.

I'd say more deliciously terrible. )

[summer viewing] What's On

What's on and what's worth watching this summer, below the cut )

Outside? Outside is for suckers. Watch more tv and join more kink memes.

[elevator pitches] What if USA aired ________?

Welcome back to the summer TV wasteland, FG fans. You know, that stretch of four months where broadcasters think we should be outside or something instead of watching TV with the curtains drawn. I don't know about you, but the outside doesn't mix well with me. I think it might be out to get me.

I drew up a list of shows that are actually airing new episodes right now that I thought you should watch, but the FG staff looked at it and [personal profile] stopitsomemore instantly said "So basically USA." Yep. USA appears to be almost the only channel showing new shows during the summer months. (I could write a whole piece asking how they expect to get advertisers during these months, but apparently they do okay, and also, that would be really boring.)

Coincidentally, NYmag.com posted an article recently titled How to Create a USA Show in Six Easy Steps, and it is excellent. The steps are these: )

Your turn, FG fans! Turn a show into a USA hit. Supernatural? Stargate? The Mentalist? Just add sunshine and sunglasses.

[kindle] Best Idea I've Had in Ages

Go to Amazon. Click on the Kindle eBooks section. Arrange price low to high.

Laugh forever. )

I know it's not So Delicious, So Terrible, but things happen. Not babies, but you know, things. We'll have some more goodness for you soon enough.

[twitter] I Think This Means the Rapture Has Already Happened

The Rapture, ladies and gentlemen. I may not believe in god, but I would love to help Rupert Young out if you know what I mean.

[twitter] Is This Going To Be Like That Barenaked Ladies Song?

Do we need to worry that DDK is going to break in and steal his old mousetrap and dish rack?

[news] Delicious 50% Free of Yahoo

Have you logged into Delicious today? It's time to click yes to approve your content staying on Delicious once it's officially sold to the new owners. Once you've done it, something magical happens.




[yahoo] Let Me Get This Straight

When we heard that Yahoo had bought Delicious Bookmarks back in the day, we were understandably upset. We were even more upset when we found out that Yahoo also has a service called Yahoo! Bookmarks, which is yes, another social bookmarking service.

You were probably just as mad as we were when you heard Yahoo intended to get rid of Delicious because it wasn't profitable when they had, instead of either merging their two similar services or working on both, ignored Delicious almost entirely and then acted surprised when it didn't make any money.

But hey, surprise! The bad news from Yahoo never stops. Yahoo has announced it is discontinuing a service called Yahoo Buzz. It's not the same as Google Buzz because frankly the only people still using Yahoo for email are my mother's age and/or terrified of changing addresses. No, take a guess.

It's yet another social bookmarking service.

Yeah. We're debating starting a regular feature called Yahoo Ruins Everything.

[twitter] Oh My!

It doesn't just get better, kids. It's gets more Takei. <3