Apr. 1st, 2011

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I know, I know, all I do recently is post things from Bradley James' twitter, but have you been following him? The boy is sweeter than snails and puppy dog tails and apparently full of fanservice.

Let's talk about this image he posted tonight for a minute.

  1. Hell yes those knights are hot. Like super hot. And they're just casually posing for Bradley's twitter. God, every time I write that it sounds like Bradley has a vagina. Awkward.

  2. The only person who looks confused here is Rupert, and I think that's because Bradley is sitting in his lap. I mean, we all know Bradley thinks he is all that,

    but also that possibly Rupert is responsible for all viruses on the internet. That's mostly because Bradley doesn't understand how the Internet works and about 10% because he gets really flustered every time Rupert emails him anything.

    Poor Colin.

  3. Okay seriously check out those arms. HOTT.

  4. Most important of all: Gawaine has the most homosexual hair of all the knights, and I can't tell if that was the actor's choice for downtime (I'm sure he would say that "football" is a serious "sport" and he needs his hair out of his eyes, but let's be serious - the only people who take "football" seriously call it "football" instead of soccer) or if the people in hair and make up read a lot of Gawaine/Merlin >> jealous!Arthur >> Arthur/Merlin fan fiction and figured this was a nice way to gay him up for series four.

  5. Listen, I did my hair that way when I was in grades one and two.
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It should be no secret to you Fangasmic readers that enjoy manips. Good ones, bad ones, hilariously awkward ones: hit me. I want them. I can never resist clicking. So when I found this amazing piece of art that is as close to a manip as a harlequin cover can get, you better believe I was a little bit in love.

One word: AMAZING.

It's part of a post on Girls Are Geeks about Rosalind's lifelong crush on Wil Wheaton. I get it, lady. I totally get it. When I was a kid watching Star Trek: The Next Generation I had a massive crush on Wesley Crusher (and okay, Riker, too, but he was a bit old for me).

And then he grew up and got married and decided he needed a more appropriate, modern family crest with a motto that speaks to us all: Don't be a dick!

He played an amazing comic book collecting legend on Numb3rs, has a hilarious recurring role as himself on The Big Bang Theory, runs a wildly successful blog, and is now some kind of highland laird come to sweep Felicia Day off her scantily clad feet.


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