Mar. 3rd, 2011

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That was the sound of Tony DiNozzo setting a TiVo so hard it punctured the space-time continuum and broke the fourth wall.

USA Network -- which brings us delightful nuggets like Gay Cops And Hat-Wearing Robbers and Gay Fake Psychics And Their Friends Who Are Too Good For Them -- has greenlit a two-hour movie where Mark Harmon is playing Lucas Davenport from John Sandford's Prey books.

This is delightful on a couple of levels:

1. MOAR Mark Harmon
2. MOARRRR Mark Harmon
3. Shitty airport crime novels? Yes.
4. The possibility of it developing into multiple films!

TVLine says that USA has the rights to 20 of the Prey books. From my awkward shouting, "FUCK," and recounting three times, John Sandford's written 21 Prey books, all with horrific gimmicky titles (see here if you want to see all of them out of curiosity). Either way, that's a whole lotta silver fox, and Tony DiNozzo had better stock up on lube and batteries.

In other news, let's all look at Mark Harmon being hot all over the place )

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