Feb. 9th, 2011

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I know it's been a long time. You've yearned for the sweet caress of my drinking infants. I completely understand, and I'm sorry, baby, for having left you in this fannish desert while I was off writing all those kink meme fills that are still unclaimed (only the good ones though, the shitty ones were other people), but I am returned! I am returned with delights for you!

Who loved How to Train Your Dragon? That's right, you all did, because you're human and you have a heart, because that movie was Goddamn amazing. We gotta be who we gotta be, which of course means that we all grew up loving shitty Pern books way too much while all our classmates were busy receiving sex ed from carefully concealed copies of Clan of the Cave Bear.

Brace yourselves, folks, because it's sequel time!

"It's going to be more fun adventures with Hiccup and Toothless. There will be some new dragons and maybe some new characters. It's the further adventures of Hiccup on his journey of becoming a man and the ultimate leader of the Viking clan."

New dragons! Further adventures of Hiccup! I wonder if he's tricked out his foot to be a super badass mechanical foot! Also, oh my God, ultimate leader of his Viking clan! His Viking clan is fucking doomed!

But since this movie isn't due out for ages, how about I tide us over with the following?

How to be a Viking by Amarra -- a J2 How to Train Your Dragon AU!

John's Dragon, which is an amazingly charming How to Train Your Dragon/Sherlock crossover, because, come on:

Is totally this business, only without British people:

Have you guys found any other How to Train Your Dragon AUs/crossovers? I typed "dragon" and random fandoms into Google, but terrible things were all I discovered.

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